Extrema Noir 2022 - XXL Indoor Edition (Video)


Extrema Noir 2022 - XXL Indoor Edition took place at Trixxo Arena, Hasselt, Belgium on Saturday 16th December 2022.

The event featured one of the largest Funktion-One Vero sound systems Europe has ever seen - comprising 16 Vero V315, 18 Vero V90, 14 Vero V60 and 48 Vero V221 subs, plus 10 Evo 7T and 8 Evo7TH fills - supplied by ESWA Licht & Geluid and Think! AV.

System designed in advance using Funktion-One's Projection software, with very accurate results once onsite. The sound: exceptionally consistent coverage from the pit barrier to the highest seat on the balcony, with plenty of headroom across the whole system.

Congratulations to Extrema Outdoor Belgium for a very well executed event. The commitment to creativity and quality across video (800m2 LED wall/ceiling), lighting (400+ moving heads) and audio was outstanding.

Captured here by Blikopener


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