Funktion-One launches a new generation of Compact Range speakers


Loudspeaker manufacturer Funktion-One has introduced a new generation of Compact Range speakers at ISE 2023 in Barcelona. Enhancements in high frequency driver technology and new porting techniques have led to a collection of outstanding compact loudspeakers that carry Funktion-One’s unmistakable sonic signature. This collection includes the F5.2, F81.2, F101.2 and F1201.2 mid/high speakers, plus the self-powered SB8A and SB10A compact bass speakers.

In addition to the advancements in audio performance, the new Compact Range features both Phoenix and NL4 connectors as standard. All existing installation accessories, except for the F1201.2 wall bracket, are compatible with the new versions.


The redevelopment of the Compact Range began when the world locked down in 2020. Funktion-One Founder Tony Andrews recalls: “It was clear there wouldn’t be any big shows for a while, so the logical thing to do was to focus on our smaller products. This gave us an uninterrupted period of R&D, from which emerged a new high frequency driver and flared porting techniques. The Funktion-One sonic signature comes from lively, highly efficient loudspeakers, which has both performance and ecological benefits.”

Funktion-One Acoustic Design Engineer James Hipperson adds: “We’ve kept to the same design philosophy of not trying to force a small speaker to do bass and focusing on the mid-range. To achieve a full range system, we have developed complementary self-powered, compact bass speakers. This gives us our signature Funktion-One mid-range clarity and definition, along with engaging low frequencies.”

Funktion-One’s new generation of Compact Range speakers are available to order now through the loudspeaker manufacturer’s global network of distributors and dealers.


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