Funktion-One launches wide dispersion loudspeaker innovation Evo X


Funktion-One has introduced what many will view as its most versatile loudspeaker to date. Evo X is a significant development of the full range, completely horn-loaded loudspeaker. Utilising the latest Funktion-One waveguide technology, it provides 90° horizontal dispersion and high SPL.

Evo X's advanced driver technology delivers outstanding clarity, resolution, and detail. Its 90° horizontal dispersion makes it an excellent choice for live venues, small clubs and theatres. It is capable of high SPL from a relatively compact speaker and can be deployed as a one per side or four-point system. While Evo X’s horizontal dispersion delivers even coverage across a wide area, its focused 15° vertical dispersion ensures the sound is concentrated on the audience, minimising reflections and room excitement. The result is clear and involving sound. 

Featuring the same isophase diffraction high frequency waveguide technology as Vero VX, Evo X is designed for small to medium live events and installations, finding its optimal audience area at around 10m by 10m. Operating across 50Hz-18kHz, it combines very well with Funktion-One F Series and BR Range bass speakers for increased low frequency energy. The wide bandwidth 8” mid-range extends to 5kHz, minimising stress on the 1” high frequency driver, while the 15” mid bass comfortably handles 50Hz-280Hz. Evo X has been meticulously designed and engineered for high SPL and high efficiency, minimising energy consumption and environmental impact..

Evo X weighs 47kg, measures 604mm wide, 859mm high and 540 mm deep, and is available with a custom wheel board which cradles the loudspeaker’s curved front. It is available now in a range of colours and finishes through Funktion-One’s global network of distributors and dealers.

Visit the Evo X product page here.


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