Cape Town’s Halo Steps Into ‘A World Beyond’ With Funktion-One


Cape Town’s nightscape has been enriched with the recent addition of Halo; a premium nightclub experience that combines opulent design with cutting edge technology, including a Funktion-One sound system from the loudspeaker manufacturer’s distributor for South Africa, Phuture Sound. 

Completed at the end of 2023 and opened shortly after, Halo is Cape Town’s newly envisioned nightclub that combines world-class sound, custom acoustic treatment (by Supersonic), and opulent interior design (by Conduit Interior). Stepping into the space offers partygoers sensory immersion and removal from the everyday, with leading domestic and international DJs providing the soundtrack.

“There is typically a tug-of-war in setting up a new venue between what sounds good and what looks good,” says Phuture Sound’s Anton Sinovich. “But Halo is proof that these two elements do not have to be mutually exclusive. No shortcuts have been taken and no expenses spared. We set out to use the latest technology and the best sound system available, and naturally this could only have been a 100% Funktion-One sound system.” 

The two-storey venue situated on Loop St, a central location that has enjoyed a reinvention in recent years, is home to over 30 Funktion-One loudspeakers.

“We work closely with Supersonic to acoustically design a space for the specific sound system that’s going to be deployed in it,” explains Sinovich. “The synergy of installing a great sound system into a room that has been properly acoustically treated is extremely powerful.”

The sound system upstairs features two Funktion-One Evolution X and two BR218 with F101.2 and MB212s for in-fill and F1201.2s in the DJ booth. Downstairs, the main system comprises pairs of Evo 6 SH, F215 and F124, while F101.2, F1201.2 and BR118 have been selected for the DJ booth, VIP and peripheral areas.

“The F124 provides extremely low frequency bass in a controlled manner,” says Sinovich. “Low frequencies are particularly difficult for most sound systems to accurately reproduce but the F124 has the most powerful moving coil electromagnetic device to be installed in a loudspeaker and we are thrilled to deploy it for the first time on the African Continent at Halo. The F124 partners well with the F215 upper mid bass and Evo 6SH mid-highs to accurately deliver a full frequency spectrum with extremely low distortion.”

Since Halo opened, DJs including the UK’s Pete Jones and Milo Passier from Amsterdam have vied for partygoers’ attention alongside stunning visuals and tech elements. Holograms, visuals of flying space whales, and continually changing screens that slowly come alive over the course of an evening to enhance a visitor’s experience embody the venue’s tagline: ‘Step into a World Beyond’. 

Discussing the collaborative nature of the project, Sinovich comments: “We aim for excellence in every project we work on. Our job is made that much easier when working with professionals who have the same ethos as us. It all starts with a great vision and then assembling a great team to implement that. We are proud to put our name on this and be associated with it.”


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