Funktion-One Designs and Manufactures High-Performance Loudspeaker Systems

Our uncompromising approach to loudspeaker design avoids the use of corrective EQ and focuses on engineering loudspeakers that naturally perform at the highest level. The result is maximum resolution, realism and, ultimately, involving listening experiences.

Our Design Philosophy

Our approach to loudspeaker design was established by founder Tony Andrews, who has been a pioneering force in the professional audio industry since its formation in the early 1970s. Tony continues to lead the Funktion-One design team and its research and technological developments.


Our Team


Pursuing Audio Excellence

When I embarked on what has become a life-long pursuit of audio excellence over 50 years ago, there was hardly a business, never mind an industry, but a collection of enthusiastic pioneers trying to achieve high fidelity sound on large scale productions. This vision has never let go of me and continues to reward and entice with new vistas of clarity and dimension of feeling.

In that time, we have certainly travelled - both in terms of technological developments and the projects we’ve been involved in. Our sound systems have been deployed on some of the biggest shows ever produced and have been installed in some of the most important venues in the world.

I consider myself fortunate to make a living pursuing what intrigues and stimulates me. This is a driving force that has been unrelenting since I first experienced stereo as a teenager. More than ever, the work we are doing right now brings a great deal of excitement, as the audio we're achieving at Funktion-One is reaching the vision I've always had for it.

The interesting stuff in life tends to happen at frontiers and boundaries, so my advice to those starting out in the industry is tread boldly, care enough about audio to fight the good fight and, above all, hang on to your own mind. The status quo is merely an incomplete condition on the way to truth and the promise of audio is yet to be fully realised. Progress requires a courageous spirit of adventure - nothing ventured nothing gained - plus plenty of application and perseverance. There is great soul expression in going after the things you are passionate about.

Tony Andrews
Founder and Director of R&D

Tony Andrews

Research & Development Director

Ann Andrews

Managing Director

Emma Newton

Production Director

Bill Woods

Director of Business Development

Michael Nicholson

Director of Marketing

Luke Newsham

Production Supervisor

Mike Igglesden

Technical Design Engineer

James Hipperson

Technical Design Engineer

Will Wright

Product Support Engineer

Annie Adams



30 Years of Engineering Innovation

Funktion-One was founded in 1992 by Tony Andrews and John Newsham - highly regarded designers and manufacturers, with numerous patents to their name. The duo, who were also responsible for founding Turbosound in the 1970s, are accredited with several generations of revolutionary loudspeaker designs, including the TMS-3, Flashlight, Floodlight, Resolution, Evolution and Vero systems. They are widely known for their pioneering work and ethos, which established many of the principles that subsequently became standard audio industry practice. The Funktion-One design team represents an unsurpassed pool of experience and expertise in the audio industry, having been consistent innovators in audio design, concert touring and sound installation for over 50 years. In addition to designing loudspeakers, Funktion-One’s engineers have produced and contributed to a number of investigative papers.


Award Winning Professional Loudspeakers


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Tony Andrews Lifetime Achievement


Cutting Edge Technology Award


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Installation Project of the Year


Best Club Sound System Manufacturing


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Best Studio Monitor (for F101)


Best Sound Product - Dance Stack


Tony Andrews PLASA Gottelier Award


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Best Sound Product - Dance Stack


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