System design and prediction software

Designed and built by Funktion-One to be fast and intuitive, Projection assists Funktion-One users in designing and optimising arrays for smooth audience coverage and generates detailed venue specific system information. The application presents a user friendly interface with many features that make designing Funktion-One systems straightforward.


  • 3D Venue Design
    Quickly build 3D venues with planes, listener offsets, sources and microphones
  • Array Design
    Projection supports Vero, VX and Evo arrays, with many more Funktion-One products available as individual loudspeakers
  • 3D SPL Mapping
    3D SPL mapping and microphone tool for frequency response measurements
  • Fast Calculation Algorithm
    Enables rapid evaluation of system design iterations
  • Rigging Calculation
    User friendly design tools with comprehensive load data and warnings
  • Kit List
    Generates a full kit list from the system design
  • Amplifier Assignment
    Assign loudspeaker groups to amplifiers and set gains, EQ overlays and more
  • PDF Exports
    Export array settings and kit lists in print-friendly format

Fast and intuitive system design