Extraordinarily Powerful Bass Reflex Enclosure


The BR132, is the largest, deepest and most powerful of Funktion-One's bass reflex series of bass loudspeakers.

It utilises Powersoft’s high power M-Force linear transducer with Funktion-One’s own cone, surround and enclosure technology. The BR132A self powered with the integrated M-Drive amplifier. It is around 40% smaller than its horn-loaded F132 counterpart and delivers plush elastic bass and super-low frequency extension. It is particularly effective in applications requiring deep, strong and well defined sub-bass at close range.


Deep, very powerful, bass reflex performance

  • 1
    Extremely well braced enclosure for clean bass performance
  • 2
    Robust powder coated steel grille
  • 3
    Integral handles
  • 4
    18mm birch plywood construction
  • 5
    M20 threaded pole mount plate and wheels optional

Technical Specification