Dance Stack Mid-High Section


DS210 comprises dual Axhead-loaded 10'' mid-high drivers and dual 1.4'' compression drivers (with Funktion-One's signature high HF crossover point for minimised distortion).

Typically used in Dance Stack® with DS15 low-mid loudspeakers and Funktion-One high efficiency bass designs. This main Dance Stack® element produces unrivaled clarity and efficiency bringing the music closer than ever before. The DS210 is equivalent to two Evo 6EHs in a single enclosure. Specific ground-stacking accessories simplify the process of creating custom Dance Stacks, please contact us to design the optimum Dance Stack® configuration for your venue.


Mid/high clarity, efficiency and resolution

  • 1
    Forms the high-mid section of our Dance Stack® systems
  • 2
    Funktion-One designed drivers
  • 3
    Evo waveguides
  • 4
    Flying version available
  • 5
    Waveguides rotatable through 180°
  • 6
    18mm birch plywood construction
  • 7
    Pairs with DS15 or F215 MkII

Technical Specification

Driver 2 x 10"
Operating Band 220Hz - 4kHz
Sensitivity at 1m 112dB at 3.5V
Power (AES) 500W
Nominal Impedence 12Ω
Driver 2 x 1.4"
Operating Band 4kHz - up
Sensitivity at 1m 114dB at 4V
Power (AES) 150W
Nominal Impedence 16Ω
Weight 64kg (141lbs)
Nominal Dispersion 100° Horizontal x 25° Vertical
Connectors 2 x Neutrik NL4