Additional Mid-Bass for Evo 6E Systems


Evo 6EL supplements Evo 6E cabinets to provide additional mid bass headroom – especially useful for flown Evo 6E installations.

It shares the same footprint as the Evo 6E, and is attached via the vertical or side M10 mounting points. The joined assembly can then be ground stacked or flown using the appropriate hardware. Pairs well with F121s or F124s to form a complete system.


Additional mid-bass for Evo 6E systems

  • 1
    Identical footprint and hardware to Evo 6E
  • 2
    Integral handles
  • 3
    Optional grille and wheel board
  • 4
    Available in ultra-durable black PU coating or classic Funktion-One violet finish

Technical Specification

Driver 15"
Operating Band 85Hz - 250Hz
Sensitivity at 1m 103dB at 2.8V
Power (AES) 400W
Nominal Impedence
Weight 30kg (66lbs)
Nominal Dispersion Array dependent
Connectors 2 x Neutrik NL4 or NL8 option