Narrow Dispersion, Lightweight Mid-High Point Source


Evo 7SH is the skeletal mid-high section of the Evo 7, offering high output and controlled directivity from a very lightweight speaker.

It can be used in a wide range of applications, from demanding voice reinforcement applications or as the high power mid-high section of multi-way entertainment PA systems (for example with F215s and F221s/F124s). The Evo 7SH has narrower dispersion with resulting higher intensity than the Evo 6SH. The two products can be effectively combined to present even coverage and excellent intelligibility for arena and stadia installations.


Skeletal high intensity mid-high loudspeaker

  • 1
    Outstanding output to weight ratio
  • 2
    Two-way (passive version available)
  • 3
    Funktion-One designed drivers
  • 4
    Low weight Neodymium magnets throughout
  • 5
    Includes a choice of two stainless steel mounting yokes
  • 6
    Evo 7EH version available in wooden enclosure

Technical Specification

Driver 10"
Operating Band 200Hz - 4kHz
Sensitivity at 1m 112dB at 4.9V
Power (AES) 250W
Nominal Impedence 24Ω
Driver 1.4"
Operating Band 4kHz - 18kHz
Sensitivity at 1m 114dB at 5.6V
Power (AES) 75W
Nominal Impedence 32Ω
Weight 23kg (51lbs)
Nominal Dispersion 40° Horizontal x 20° Vertical
Connectors Neutrik NL4 or Junction box option