Narrow Dispersion, Mid-High Point Source with Flying Hardware


Evo 7TH is the mid-high section of the Evo 7T. It features 10” mid-range and a 1.4” compression driver for high frequencies featuring integrated flying hardware.

It is significantly smaller than the Evo 7T, making it extremely flexible and adaptable to a number of configurations. The Evo 7TH has an inverted waveguide, meaning the high frequencies and mids mirror perfectly with those of an Evo 7T, which enables mutual self-reinforcement for increased reach and audience capacity. The Evo7T, 7TH and 7TL all share the same integrated flying system for fast, accurate and effective rigging. The increase in scalability that comes with the addition of the Evo 7TH and 7TL mean that Evo configurations can comfortably deliver precise and even coverage to audiences of up to 10,000 people.


Very high intensity mid-high touring loudspeaker

  • 1
    Fully horn loaded for high efficiency
  • 2
    Two-way speaker
  • 3
    Funktion-One designed drivers
  • 4
    Integrated flying and ground-stack system
  • 5
    Low weight Neodymium magnets throughout
  • 6
    Optional wheelboard and foam-backed steel grille for discreet appearance

Technical Specification

Driver 10"
Operating Band 200Hz - 4kHz
Sensitivity at 1m 112dB at 4.9V
Power (AES) 250W
Nominal Impedence 24Ω
Driver 1.4"
Operating Band 4kHz - 18kHz
Sensitivity at 1m 114dB at 5.6V
Power (AES) 75W
Nominal Impedence 32Ω
Weight 44kg (97lbs) without wheelboard
Nominal Dispersion 40° Horizontal x 20° Vertical
Connectors 2 x Neutrik NL8