Discontinued product


Superseded by the F101.2

The F101 loudspeaker brings Funktion One’s unique sound quality and purity of design to a wider audience than ever before, offering a fresh choice to those searching for sonic involvement from a small source. The F101 delivers excellent bass definition and vocal intelligibility, attributes not usually present in compact loudspeakers. In common with our larger scale systems, this loudspeaker also provides high imaging detail and clarity. Furthermore, with Funktion One’s exceptional enclosure tuning and driver optimisation, no processor or system equalisation is required, maximising the fidelity, performance, natural simplicity and cost effectiveness of this product. Its sensitivity of 101dB for 1 Watt at 1 Metre is unprecedented for this class of loudspeaker. Out of operating band low frequency protection is incorporated. The F101 neatly fills a niche between the F81 and the Resolution 1 being ideal for many applications including studio reference monitoring, AV presentations and theatre use. In 2010, the F101 was awarded the DJ Magazine Tech Award for Studio Monitor of the Year.

The F101 forms a potent system when complemented with Funktion One bass enclosures including the MB210LP, MB212, F118 and F215.


Compact loudspeaker capable of high output.

  • 1
    Compact enclosure with high output
  • 2
    Wide dispersion
  • 3
    10” and 1” drivers optimised to Funktion One specification.
  • 4
    Excellent sensitivity
  • 5
    High passive crossover point to HF driver for low distortion
  • 6
    Choice of Speakon or Installation connectors
  • 7
    M6 mounting and attachment points
  • 8
    Curved powder-coated mild steel grill
  • 9
    Integral pole mount

Technical Specification

Driver 10" + 1"
Operating Band 100Hz - 18kHz
Sensitivity at 1m 100dB at 2.8V
Power (AES) 150W
Nominal Impedence
Weight 10kg (22lbs)
Nominal Dispersion 90° x 70°
Connectors 2 x Neutrik NL4 or phoenix installation connectors