Discontinued product


Superseded by the F1201.2

When designing the F1201, the Funktion-One R&D team meticulously applied its purist approach to the ubiquitous 12” and horn-loaded 1” configuration, steering clear of any additional processing or passive network EQ and so preserving coherence of phase and transient response. The consequences are realism, detail and liveliness. The F1201 is a naturally balanced compact product with high output, even response and well defined frequencies.


Compact loudspeaker capable of high output

  • 1
    12” and 1” drivers optimised to Funktion-One specification
  • 2
    Rotatable HF horn with 90º x 40º coverage pattern
  • 3
    Excellent sensitivity
  • 4
    High passive crossover point to HF driver for low distortion
  • 5
    Integral pole mount

Technical Specification

Driver 12" + 1"
Operating Band 80Hz - up
Sensitivity at 1m 100dB at 2.8V
Power (AES) 350W
Nominal Impedence
Weight 18kg (39lbs)
Nominal Dispersion 90° Horizontal x 40° Vertical (rotatable)
Connectors 2 x Neutrik NL4