Next Level Funktion-One Bass Performance


F124 features two voice coils and intense magnetic flux, which control the 24” cone with impressive accuracy.

This combination of mid-bass speed and impact with low-bass extension from a single enclosure makes the F124 the perfect bass partner for Evo systems and other Funktion-One mid-high products. The F124 delivers excellent transient response and extended depth to below 30Hz.


Excellent bass extension from a single enclosure

  • 1
    New Funktion-One designed dual voice coil 24” driver
  • 2
    FEA-optimised Neodymium magnet
  • 3
    Integral handles
  • 4
    Low centre of mass for easy handling
  • 5
    Location feet and recesses for stacking
  • 6
    18mm birch ply construction
  • 7
    Ground stack boards now available for Evo 6 and 7
  • 8
    Optional wheels
  • 9
    Available in ultra durable black PU coating or classic Funktion-One paint finish

Technical Specification

Driver 24" dual voice coil
Operating Band 20Hz - 85Hz
Sensitivity at 1m 104dB at 2V
Power (AES) 2 x 750W
Nominal Impedence 2 x 8Ω
Weight 103kg (227lbs)
Nominal Dispersion Array dependent
Connectors 2 x Neutrik NL4