Discontinued product


Self-powered 2.1 System

The SB210A is an active bass unit, which has two extra channels for powering a pair of satellite speakers. Answering the demand for Funktion-One sonic quality in home, studio and small entertainment spaces, the SB210A - together with a pair of Funktion-One F55s, F81s or F101s - delivers a complete and easy to set up system.

The SB210A package enables users to experience Funktion-One sound in smaller environments without having to invest in all of the separate elements - speakers, a bass unit, an amplifier or crossover unit. Now those who have experienced the sonic qualities of large format Funktion-One systems can equip their studio, use the system as a home hi-fi, or for small events - such as a gallery exhibition or a small party for up to around 100 people. The extremely low fan noise, which is a fundamental part of the amplifier’s design, minimises any environmental disturbance for noise-sensitive applications, like studios.   

Taking a stereo line input from an XLR or quarter-inch-jack connection, the SB210A offers three set crossover points at 100Hz, 125Hz or 150Hz. It features separate level control for bass and for the satellite speakers, and a polarity reverse switch for the bass output. The unit has been designed for the specific requirements of Funktion-One’s drivers and has been optimised accordingly. It comes with limiting and protection configured for both the bass unit and the satellite speakers.


    Technical Specification

    Driver 2 x 10"
    Operating Band 60Hz - 150Hz
    Sensitivity at 1m 105dB at 2.8V
    Power (AES) 400W
    Nominal Impedence
    USABLE BANDWIDTH (-3DB) 60Hz - 150Hz
    Weight 43kg (95lbs)
    Nominal Dispersion N/A
    Connectors 2x XLR-TRS combo (input) 2 x Neutrik NL4 (output)